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Prishtina, 26 January 2018 


National Agency for Protection of Personal Data organized its now traditional conference to mark the International Day of Privacy.


Aware of the undisputable relevance that citizens’ sensitive data protection represents, especially those data processed in the health sector, the Agency is dedicated that in 2018 to attribute special attention to the protection of personal data in this sector. 


Therefore, today's conference opens a one-year campaign dedicated to sensitive data controllers, whereby the representatives from Data Protection Commissioner of Albania, EU Office, Ministry of Health and the National Agency for Protection of Personal Data, were panellists.


This conference was chaired by Mr. Jeton Arifi, Director of NAPPD, who held a welcoming speech to this Conference.


In order to talk about the commitment of the Ministry of Health in respecting the patients' privacy right from the medical staff at the country level, as well as the inter-institutional cooperation with the National Agency for Protection of Personal Data, the head of this institution Mr. Uran Ismaili, was invited.


During the works of this conference, a special attention was devoted to the lawful processing of sensitive personal data, whereby Director General of the Agency, Bujar Sadiku, in addition, presented the recent developments in the sole authority, responsible for supervising the enforcement of the right to privacy.


One of the aims of this conference was to bring together around a discussion table the experienced representatives of peer authorities to share practices in their cooperation with the health sector. Before the invitees of the Conference, Mr. Endrin Fidhe, Data Protection Inspector at Personal Information and Protection Commissioner from Tirana, shared experiences of the peer authority from the Republic of Albania.


Whereas, in relation to the cooperation of the Agency with sensitive data controllers within the country, the Inspection Support Office Coordinator, Mr. Kushtrim Mustafa, addressed to the Conference.


During the last session of the conference, the Director General of the Agency handed the accreditation certificates to five (5) newly appointed data protection officers from health insurance companies.


Mr. Jeton Arifi, Director at the Agency, by extending his gratitude to all present, in particular, to the network of personal data protection officers from all of regional hospitals in Kosovo, closed the works of this Conference.



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