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Agency officials delivered lecture on privacy to the Summer School attendees in the town of Shtime

August 15, 2017

Educational institutions in Kosovo organize the so-called 'summer schools' for students who wish to expand their general knowledge. Within the framework of this program, the issue of protection of personal data and privacy could not be sidestepped, whereby the Agency continuously developed awareness-raising activities about data protection in educational institutions at the country level.

On the occasion of the conclusion of the Summer School 'Bleta 2017' curriculum - Municipality of Shtime, the National Agency for the Protection of Personal Data was invited to hold an informative and advisory lecture on the protection of personal data. The lecture, extremely necessary for the students, was delivered by Jeton Arifi, Director at the Agency, and Flora Ahmeti, official. The lecture consisted of practical advice on rights of adolescents to privacy, appropriate to their age. Lecture attendees were 105 distinguished students from grade 6 through 9 of this municipality.

Upon conclusion of this meeting, the summer school organizers highly appreciated the Agency's readiness to deliver this lecture, which the students welcomed and took their opportunity to ask many questions relating to their privacy rights and the scope of the Agency.






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