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Roundtable Discussion with Financial Sector Officers

Data protection in the financial sector, specifications, safety measures, international aspects of financial data; involvement of third parties, were some of those which were elaborated in this roundtable

Pristina, 19 may 2016

The National Agency for Personal Data Protection has finalized the cycle of the roundtables, where the character of training is blended, promoting the relevant guidelines for the officers of personal data protection. This time were invited the financial officers from the public and the private institutions.
The general guidance for data protection officers in the financial sector, through his presentation was made by Mr. Bekim Demiri - National Supervisor, who also the moderated the seminar. Whereas in terms of the framework on the protection of personal data in the financial sector, DPO's role and the principles of performance of this officer was lectured by Ms. Nora Forgacs from the EU-funded project.
It is worth to emphasize that in this roundtable the DPO’s guidance for the financial sector was also distributed. This guidance is a basic manual for personal data protection officers of   this sector, which identifies the main topics that must be considered during data processing procedures.
The Chief National Supervisor Mr. Ruzhdi Jashari opened and closed the proceedings of this roundtable. He thanked the officers for the continued cooperation with the Agency, where as a result, the functionality and applicability of the Law on Protection of Personal Data is increasingly larger.

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