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Kosovo marks the International Safe Internet Day


09 February 2016

The National Agency for Personal Data Protection represented by Mr. Mr. Jeton Arifi, Director of the Department for Foreign Relation, participated in the annual conference “The International Safer Internet Day” organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in cooperation with the Centre for Advanced Studies FIT and  Save the Children organization. 

On this occasion Mr. Arifi welcomed the initiative by MEST considering the risk entailed by the uncontrolled use of the internet by youth, where in cooperation with the main stakeholders that have influence on this area, aim to raise awareness of these generations for an enhanced safety when using the Internet.

In the presentations of representatives, either from the Kosovo Police, Kosovo Telecom, MEST or non-governmental organizations, on the issue of Internet safety, none of them could skip mentioning the privacy issue and personal data, as one of the key criterion on security over the negative consequences that one may encounter in daily use of social networks and Internet in general.

At the very end it was stated that that this issue cannot be addressed to only one institution or organization whatever their function is, for positive results in favour of children, for emancipated generation of internet usage, a cooperation of all institutions and other actors should be conducted, wherein each would have its influence and simultaneously affecting the emancipation of young people and improved everyday life for a bright future. 


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